Age 47 Partial Withdrawal

When VNPF receives your contributions, they are automatically distributed:

  1. Retirement account (50%)
  2. Medisave account (25%)
  3. Investment account (25%)

Members over 47 years now have the option to withdraw their Medisave and Investment accounts, which equal 50% of their total savings.

If you have any outstanding loans with VNPF, these must be paid before any withdrawal, otherwise these accounts will not have credit available.

Please note that if you withdraw from your Medisave and Investment accounts, there will not be any money left to use for member benefits, such as loans, until more contributions are made.

The new legislation deliberately protects your Retirement (50%) savings so that members still have savings when they reach retirement age at 55.

Partial withdrawal criteria:

  • You are aged 47-54 years
  • You have no outstanding loans with Member Financial Services Limited (MFSL)
  • Any Education Loan must not be greater than 50% of your savings

If you believe you are eligible to make a partial withdrawal, you must obtain an Eligibility Statement from VNPF to see what your entitlements are and then submit an Age 47 Application Form to any VNPF branch or send by email to

You can download the Age 47 Application Form Here or visit any VNPF branch.