VNPF COVID-19 Loan Scheme

As of Wednesday 01 of March 2020

The introduction of COVID-19 scheme the Fund has attracted a lot of members to the VNPF office. At the moment Vanuatu has not registered any person infected with this virus. We would like to assist the National Disaster Manejmen committees and other agencies in ensuring that preventive actions are taken to help our members ready against the crisis. As such we have uploaded application forms for members to download and have it completed. The information below will help you in ensuring that the forms are correctly filled and submitted to the Fund for quick processing.

  1. Complete the Loan Application Form, which is accessible here
  2. Forms will need to be properly completed prior to lodgement at the VNPF Head Office or any of the three branch locations.
  3. The properly completed forms need to be attached with the photocopies of the following:
    • VNPF I.D. Card or National ID Card
    • Passport or Driver’s License
    • Bank Statement or photocopy of Debit card
  4. VNPF will then verify Member applications and their identifications before processing the withdrawal payment.
  5. Once the verification process is complete, VNPF will issue payment by method of choice identified in the Loan Application Form.
  6. Members who have opted to collect their cheques must produce the following documents:
    • Original copy of VNPF Card
    • Original Copy of National ID
    • Driving Licence or Unelco Bills

Whilst VNPF appreciates the urgent need for this assistance by all its valued members, the Fund appreciates the cooperation and understanding of its members to ensure the smooth operation and processing of all withdrawals.

Parmod Achary
General Manager