Employee Contribution

Category 2 - Under an order made by the Minister

The Minister, may, after consultation with the Board, by Order published in the Gazette, exempt any person or class of persons from all or any of the provisions of the VNPF Act.

Category 3 - Any person under an approved scheme.

An approved scheme is one that has been in operation prior to the establishment of VNPF and has obtained approval by the Board to be exempted from the VNPF Act. The scheme must be offering similar or better benefits to its members compared to that offered by VNPF. It would be required to submit an annual report every year.


Category 1 - Under schedule 1 of the VNPF Act [CAP.189]

  • Any child under the age of 14 years.
  • Any out-worker. An out-worker is a person to whom articles or materials are given out to, to be made up, cleaned, washed, altered, ornamented, furnished or repaired or adapted for sale in his own home or on other premises not under the control and management of the person who gives out the articles or materials.
  • Any person detained in any prison, approved school, mental hospital or leper asylum.
  • Any non-citizen of Vanuatu serving with a diplomatic or international mission, or an international organization.
  • Any person employed in agriculture or forestry as an individual or as the leader of a gang working collectively, and who at the time of engagement of his or her employment is not expected to be employed for more than two months. If the individual continues to be employed beyond the two months, that individual must join the VNPF.