General Information


Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF) is a financial institution established in 1987 under an Act of Parliament of the Republic of Vanuatu. One of the key purposes of the Fund is to provide retirement benefits to members through the management of their savings in an efficient and reliable manner. It is particularly important for the workers in Vanuatu to be members of such a scheme, because the country does not have a Government funded social welfare scheme that takes care of people when they can no longer work.VNPF also provides a convenient framework for employers to meet the statutory and moral obligations of their employees.

Our Members

All employees in Vanuatu between the ages of 14 and 55 must join the Fund. However, those whose monthly earnings are less than VT 3,000 as well as those who are specifically exempted need not contribute to the Fund. Membership is compulsory for those employees who are between the ages of 14 and 55. If the monthly earnings is VT 3,000 or more and if you are not contributing to the Fund, then you must join the Fund.

Mandatory Contributions

A contribution constitutes the amount of money credited to member's individual accounts in the records of VNPF. The amount of the contribution is calculated on the monthly remuneration of an employee. Currently, the rate of contribution is 8% of the employee's remuneration of which 4% is from the employee's monthly remuneration while 4% is contributed by the employer.


Your monthly contributions are invested in a number of approved financial investments to generate income. These investments include government bonds and loans, term deposits with commercial banks, and offshore investments managed by the Investments Department.


The administrative and operational expenditure incurred by the Fund is deducted from the income received from the investments. From the surplus of income over expenditure, the Board of Trustees declares an appropriate rate of interest to be credited to each member's account. The declared rate of interest is applied on the balance of the members' contributions account as at the commencement of the year and the amount of interest so determined is added to members' contributions account.