21 May 2018


VNPF Officers giving awareness to Shefa Port Vila Efate land transport association

Port Vila Efate Land Transport Association (SPV ELTA) Awareness

On Thursday 10th May 2018, two VNPF staff addressed a 200 man conference room of the National Convention Centre in Port Vila to explain the purpose of VNPF and the importance of making contribution payments. VNPF was fortunate to receive an invitation from the Shefa Port Vila Land Transport Association (SPV ELTA) to be part of a special general meeting for the Association.

Prior to the session starting, several other VNPF staff distributed employer and employee registration forms as well as register self employed drivers. VNPF seized the opportunity to not only educate prospective and actively contributing employers and employees, but to also advise them on an upcoming road inspection exercise with other stakeholders so as to ensure compliance with the VNPF Act [CAP.189].

Land transport owners were reminded of their obligations as employers of drivers, and to ensure to register their employees with VNPF and pay their contributions. Owners were advised that it is a legal requirement and a moral obligation to register their drivers within 14 days of employment; a failure to adhere to this provision is an offense under section 22 of the VNPF Act [CAP.189.]. Employers of bus drivers were reminded to be faithful to pay their contributions on time so as to avoid a fine or incurring surcharges.

During question time, a member of the audience thanked the VNPF team for taking the initiative to inform them about their duties as employers of drivers and also added that it was the first time since the establishment of VNPF to have such an informative session with a VNPF team. However one attendee stated that paying contributions to VNPF is another additional burden on top of business licenses, Road tax, and Road worthy maintenance check.

VNPF advised the audience that a grace period of up to a month would be given to employers of drivers who came to register following the presentation.

VNPF Management would like to sincerely thank the SPV ELTA President, Mr Donald M. Satungia and his Executive for the invitation and for accommodating VNPF as we look forward to working together to serve employers and members.

Annual Member Statements - Have You Received Your Copy?

VNPF is currently dispatching Members' annual statements and would like to ask any Member who has not received their statement to promptly let VNPF know.

Often members change employers or addresses, even cease to work - for one reason or another; they will not receive their annual statement.

VNPF will normally require you to complete a Change of Members Details form if you change your address or any other details that you registered with.

Issuance of annual member statements are a requirement under the VNPF Act and VNPF looks forward to liaising with all members to ensure that they receive their statements.

Members are also encouraged to enquire with the Fund if they have any questions about their statements.

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