08 May 2018

Did you Know?

Employers are now required to complete their contribution schedules using a new format. Contact us if you have any questions.

Amnesty Period Update

The General Manager of Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF), Parmod Achary, is pleased to inform all valued members, stakeholders and the general public that Employers around the country have responded well and positively during the recent amnesty period regarding payment of contributions and surcharges during the months of March and April 2018.

Mr. Achary stated that many Employers have made their payments which resulted in a record collection of 205,000,000 Vatu for the month of April. From the total amount collected, the Current contribution amount is 123,280,385 Vatu, the Advance payment amounts to 33,231,474 Vatu, and the Arrears payment, a total of 49,081,213 Vatu. We have noticed that there is a big increase in the Arrears collection payments compared to previous months and years. Mr Achary extends his sincere gratitude to all Employers who value their Employees and faithfully contribute toward their superannuation fund. All Employers are encouraged to diligently maintain their duties as Employers.

VNPF Act Review

"In this fast competitive landscape with rapid technological changes, VNPF cannot work with outdated laws"; the VNPF General Manager has stated. The recent Commission of Inquiry as well as recommendations made by the Regulatory Task Force also endorses the need for changes in the current legislation. Therefore Mr Achary has announced that a review of the VNPF Act needs to be undertaken.

In the weeks to come, a consultation process will be conducted with our stakeholders and the public at large to gauge feedback on the proposed legislative changes. Stay tuned for the dates and the venues of the consultation sessions which will be confirmed very soon!

Satisfaction Survey

The VNPF will also be conducting a customer satisfaction survey in Port Vila this month. The survey covers all the areas of our operations from the Member Services and Employer Services Department to our Executive Team. Its purpose is to assist us to review our internal processes, as well as identify potential external influences as a way to contribute to informed decisions that will help foster positive changes and help improve our operations. We look forward to receiving your views!

Change in Board Membership

VNPF Management would like to welcome Mr John Ezra as the new Government Representative to the VNPF Board of Trustees. Mr Ezra replaces Mr Roan Lester who served from 2 November 2016 to 12 April 2018. Mr Lester is away overseas on study leave. The General Manager, Chairman of VNPF Board, Members of the Board and VNPF staff take this opportunity to thank him for his commitment and contributions as a member of the VNPF Board. He has been very instrumental figure for the VNPF reforms.

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