10 Dec 2019

Press Release 2

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This press release is issued to clarify and add factual information for fund members and the general public. At VNPF we are very committed to share information whenever we can within the confines of the Law.

As General Manager of Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF) I would like to make some clarification regarding the annual interests credited to members account. Since I took office in September 2017, I have tried my best to revive VNPF non-performing investments to generate good returns and bring back the General Reserve of the Fund to positive. As you can see in 2018 we have declare 1% interest to members which is a good start for our members. However I still have to work hard with my team to grow VNPF General Reserve to a healthy position so I can increase annual interest from 2020 and onward.

It should be noted that the General Reserve was depleted prior to my appointment and it is my duty as the new GM to resurrect back this Members Fund. I want to tell you that it is not an easy task but I have done my best so far.

With this I would like to ask all Members to remain committed to their Fund and not to trust misleading information from social media.

I want to assure all Members that I am committed to my appointment as VNPF General Manager and will make sure to put it back on the right way.

I would like to inform Members who have questions to directly email me on Parmod.Achary@vnpf.com.vu, send their questions via VNPF Voice Facebook Account and/or come directly in VNPF and meet with me for a discussion. I kindly ask that you use your VNPF ID whenever you correspond with me.

Parmod Achary
General Manager

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