04 Jun 2020

TC Harold Press Release

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The Board and Management of the Vanuatu National Provident Fund wishes to inform its Members that the Fund has established the following withdrawal procedures for the Tropical Cyclone Harold Hardship Loan Scheme:

  1. Collect and Complete the Loan Application Form at MFSL from our VNPF head office and/or from our branches in Luganville and Lakatoro.
  2. Forms will need to be completed prior to lodgement at the VNPF Head Office or any of the two branch locations namely Lakatoro and Luganville.
  3. Members who are Victims of TC Harold should provide the evidence that their houses or properties were destroyed. This also applies to Members who are applying on behalf of their relatives.
  4. When completing the Loan Application Form, any two of the following certified copies of IDs and documents should be attached and submitted with the form:
    1. VNPF ID Card
    2. National ID Card
    3. Passport
    4. Driver’s License
    5. Birth Certificate
  5. Members will then be contacted through the contact numbers provide to VNPF once payment is ready to either collect their cheque or check their nominated bank account.
  6. The minimum amount that Members can apply for is VT 20,000.
  7. The eligibility for loan is based on a Member’s Investment Account.
  8. The expected processing time is 48 hours.
  9. Members are advised to provide proper bank details if possible.
  10. The following are the terms and conditions of the hardship loan
    1. Interest rate – 0%
    2. Term – 3 to 5 years
    3. Grace period of 6 month
    4. There is an option to offset the loan
      1. Conditions of offset – Members are unable to repay due to financial difficulties (must state this when completing application form).

The Fund wishes to re-assure its members that it will assist in every way it can to ensure efficient processing of all applications and will work towards making payments.

For more information, please call 23808 and ask to talk to Eric Amos or send an email to Eric.Amos@vnpf.com.vu.

Parmod Achary
General Manager

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