06 Aug 2018

VNPF Operation Brash

VNPF inspector during the operation.

ON JULY 2018, VNPF conducted a joint operation with the Vanuatu Police Force and the Port Vila Municipal Police.

The operation took place on Wednesday 18 July, Thursday 19 July, and Friday 20 July 2018 in three places in Port Vila respectively at the Tasiriki junction, the SMET junction and the ABC store at Nambatu.

The purpose of the joint operation was to compel public transport drivers, bus drivers and owners who have not yet registered with VNPF to do so. During the operation public transport drivers who passed the inspection operation were tagged with a VNPF sticker.

The joint operation helped re-enforce Section 22 and 23 of the VNPF Act [CAP.189] which states that all Employers and Employees for whom contributions are payable should register with the Fund. Many of the public transport drivers were happy that their Employers will start paying their contributions to VNPF and those who have not yet registered have come forward to do so.

At the conclusion of the Operation, the Manager Employer Relations Department of VNPF Mr. Jackson LESA welcomed the Traffic Section Team of the Police Force and said that this kind of joint operation between VNPF and the Police should take place wherever there is employment and whenever VNPF need police assistance.

In addition, the General Manager of VNPF, Parmod ACHARY, expressed his gratitude to the Inspection Team of VNPF and the Police officers for the historic occasion. Mr. Parmod announced that 250,000 VT was collected as a result of the 3 days joint operation.

In response to the VNPF General Manager, the second Officer in charge of the Traffic Section Sergeant Edward KALURA conveyed his gratitude to Mr. Parmod for allowing them to work together with VNPF Inspection Team to achieve one of VNPF goals on revenue collection and the enforcement of the VNPF Act. He also thanked all who had made the operation a success.

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