Payment Mode

How to send in the contributions

Payment of the contributions should be made directly to the Vanuatu National Provident Fund offices either through mail or in person. However, it is advisable that cash payments be made in person. Employers in the outer islands are advised to make the payment of contributions through the branch of the National Bank of Vanuatu closest to the location of the business.

The payment of contributions must be sent with the completed Contribution Schedule. The sum of contributions in the Contribution Schedule should agree with the payment. If there are discrepancies in the Contribution Schedule, the Fund will return the payment along with the schedule and advise the employer by letter to rectify the discrepancy. On correcting the discrepancy, the Contribution Schedule along with the payment should then be returned to the Fund for verification and for a receipt to be issued. If paid by cheque, money order, or postal order, the contribution should be made payable to the Vanuatu National Provident Fund. If paying by cheque, make sure the cheque is crossed so it can only be deposited.

Make sure you receive a receipt, especially when paying in cash. Contact the VNPF if you do not receive a receipt.