Refund of contributions paid in error

Refunds of all or part of the contributions may be made under the following conditions:

If the Board determines that there are outstanding contributions, it may:

  • When any amount has been mistakenly paid to the Fund as an employee contribution, the Board may, on the application of the person making the payment, return the amount paid.
  • Where a contribution is paid in error, including that deducted from the remuneration of the employee, the amount so deducted shall be refunded to the employee. The employee's portion of the contribution shall not be refunded to the employer unless the employee agrees to this in writing and the employer agrees to give the employee the amount of the repayment to which the employee is entitled.

  • Deduct from the employer's share of the repayment the amount of any other contribution due to the Board from the employer, whether in respect of the employee concerned or any other employee.
  • Deduct from the employee's share of the repayment of any contributions, which have not been paid due to erroneous belief that they were not payable, but may not make any other deductions on account of unpaid contributions.